How do you buy a Oxmose NFT ? A beginner’s guide.

How do you buy a Oxmose NFT ? A beginner’s guide.

Click here to go directly to Metamask

Click on the button Download

Then you are offered to import or create a wallet. Click on Create a wallet.

MetaMask then asks you to collect your data to improve the application. It is not mandatory: you can accept by clicking on I agree or refuse by clicking on No thanks.

After that, you need to create a password to secure your wallet. This is because MetaMask keeps your private keys locally in your browser, and the password encrypts them so that no one but you can use your funds from within the browser.

Read and accept the Terms of Use to continue.

Finally, MetaMask will ask you to save a 12-word recovery phrase. This phrase will allow you to recover your funds in case your device is broken, lost or stolen. You can reinstall MetaMask and import this phrase to restore the wallet. Be sure to keep this phrase safe. The best way to do this is to copy it on a piece of paper.

⚠️ Warning: this phrase gives you full access to the funds placed in MetaMask, so you need to keep it secret.

Metamask will then ask you to confirm the recovery phrase to ensure that you have recorded it.

It's done! Your account is now created and you should be able to use it.